The New American Dream Center

Creating equitable access to the resources available in our community to all immigrants

 Join us in this effort to help new immigrants who dream of becoming Americans stay on the path of becoming long-time Danbury residents.


Most Americans are immigrants or descended from immigrants who sought opportunity and freedom on our shores. They and their children worked hard, assimilated, and added to our nation’s prosperity. Immigrants of past generations have paved the way for immigrants of today. Although the paths they have taken to reach our country may differ, they share a common goal – Love for this country.


Our foundation created The New American Dream Center to support that common goal.


The New American dream center is an in-person resource center to guide and support new immigrants who dream of becoming American citizens. From the moment they arrive in our community to the moment they become eligible for citizenship.


The center will run two programs, Newcomers and New Americans.


In our newcomer’s program, connecting immigrants with existing resources in our community through partnerships with local organizations, streamlining their access to these resources by helping them gather all the appropriate paperwork and documents they need to access health care, education, and other services.


We will also provide a guide with crucial state laws and municipal ordinances, available in multiple languages in addition to workshops, in partnership with several City departments to help them understand what they should know about living in our community.


In our New Americans program, we will support immigrants eligible for citizenship by removing the financial barriers to the application process with grants for low-income families to cover the application fees.  We are also working acquiring U.S. Department of Justice recognition and accreditation that would allow our team to provide direct legal assistance to those seeking citizenship status.


The goal of the center is to create equitable access to the resources we have available in our community to all immigrants and assisting those eligible to achieve the ultimate American dream – Citizenship.