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Considering the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on families in the Danbury area, in April of 2020, The New American Dream Foundation (TNADF) postponed its annual scholarship gala. TNADF placed all its efforts on supporting the community's immediate needs as we fight the virus through the creation of its TNADF COVID-19 Hot Meal Program. Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, the program has served children, families, and seniors in Danbury with over 26,000 meals purchased at cost from The Amber Room Colonnade, the official venue for its annual gala.

It raised over $60,000 through small online contributions from individuals and grants from local and global corporations and foundations such as the RobyDodd Family Charitable Foundation, Inc. Union Savings Bank, Savings Bank of Danbury, The United Way of Western CT, Tufts Health Plan Foundation, and of the CT Health Foundation. A University of Connecticut report has found that 10.9 percent of older adults are food insecure in Danbury. According to United Way, in parts of the city, food insecurity among older adults is as high as 30 percent, which believes these figures likely increased due to the coronavirus pandemic.


There are a variety of food pantries providing groceries in the area. Still, we have observed that the demand for ready-to-eat meals for the senior population is much higher than for groceries. Lack of motivation due to mental health issues, loneliness, or physical ability to prepare a meal from scratch are some of their challenges. Also, to qualify for Meals-on-Wheels during the pandemic is increasingly difficult due to high demand.


Our hot meal program has bridged that gap between homebound seniors served by Meals-on-Wheels and those who can prepare their meals and find relief in receiving groceries. Our program has provided a warm meal and safe human contact to the most vulnerable seniors in our community.


“are the sons and daughters of the previous generation of immigrants, in which every new community stands on its shoulders. Our hot meal program became our way to give back to those that helped build our community,” said Emanuela Palmares, TNADF vice-president.


 -Palace View, 132 Main Street, Danbury 

  -Kimberly Place, 19 Main Street, Danbury 

  -Danbury Towers, 40 Williams Street, Danbury 

  -Bishop Curtis, 88 Main Street, Danbury 

 -Putnam Towers, 25 Beaver Street, Danbury 

  -Glen Apartments, 25 Memorial Drive, Danbury 

  -Crosby Manor, 84 West Wooster Street, Danbury 

  -Danbury Commons, 51 Main Street, Danbury 


October 8th, 2022

November 19th, 2022

December 24th, 2022

All deliveries happen between 11:00 and 11:30 am



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